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The scope of supply for the metering system to be designed, manufactured and fabricated at Alderley in Wickwar is 2 x 20' Ultrasonic 4 path ...

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Scope of supply is for an Oil Metering package consisting of 4 x 3' nb Coriolis Metering System with 1 x 8' Bi-Directional prover (ANSI ...

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The scope of supply is for a Skid mounted Oil Metering System for the FPSO (ANSI #150) including valves and headers, comprising:- 3 x 50% ...

Truck Unloading Modules for measuring gasoline, diesel and kerosene. The modules consist of 6'NB meter streams, including PD meters, air eliminators, strainers, control valves and ...

3 Multi product PD meter streams, 1 off master PD meter stream, 1 Bi-Directional prover, all instrumentation and a flow computer system by ...

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Metering Systems

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Alderley Gas Metering System

Your metering system should be designed and built to protect your bottom line

We have been engineering fiscal/custody transfer metering systems for over 50 years and are known for our quality, reliability and expertise in metering technologies.  We have experience in all metering technologies, analytical systems, provers and control panels.  But don’t just take our word for it - with over 750 successfully installed systems globally, take a look at our extensive project reference list.

Alderley is an independent systems integrator and we will work with the metering technology that is best for your application, budget and preference.  Whatever the technology – ultrasonic meters, coriolis/mass meters, orifice meters, turbine or PD – we will be working to the best interests for your business and listening to your needs.

Expert Project Management

Our project managers are totally focussed on the oil & gas industry.  Their knowledge of metering standards (including API/ISO/AGA/ASTM) and technologies will help you to meet your project targets.  They are based in our key locations throughout the world – UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Russia – and work in facilities that can handle even the most complex of metering skid needs.

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