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Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P. , has launched a public offering of 7.7 million units of common stock. At Tuesday's closing stock price of $49.96 per unit, the offering would generate close to $385 million for the Philadelphia-based company.


The second-largest U.S. oil company by market value spent "significant sums" and assigned some of its best scientists to evaluate more than 100 kinds of feedstock and 50 techniques for converting them into fuels without success, Chevron Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Watson said during an address to the Economic Club of Minnesota in Minneapolis today. "The smartest minds in my company and others haven't yet cracked the code on pairing the right feedstock conversion technology and logistics in an economic and scalable package," Watson said.


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About Alderley

Alderley – A leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke metering, hydraulic control systems and produced water treatment solutions


Oil & Gas Metering Systems • Produced Water Treatment Solutions • Control Systems Engineering

We apply the latest and proven technologies to give you the best possible solution for your metering, produced water and control systems applications.  From ultrasonic metering to hydrocyclone packages, we continuously develop our solutions to meet and set new standards for fiscal / custody transfer metering and produced water treatment applications. 

Custody Transfer/Fiscal and Allocation Metering Systems

Our experience includes all metering techniques in varied applications along with analytical systems, provers and control panels.  We have supplied some of the largest metering systems, including 36" gas ultrasonic meters, and worked in some of the most challenging areas including cryogenic liquid ethylene at -100C, LNG at -165C, very high pressures (API 10,000) and multiphase flows.

Produced Water Treatment Solutions

 No single piece of equipment can tackle the complex process of treating produced water.  We supply primary, secondary and tertiary water treatment solutions utilising the latest and proven technologies.  Our experience and supply incorporates: Surge tanks/separators/collection vessels, deoiling hydrocyclones, desanding hydrocyclones, solids cleaning, compact flotation (CFU), gas flotation (IGF), degassers and produced water polishing.

Control Systems Engineering

We have total commitment to immediate and long term support of our customers.  This is reflected in the range of services that we provide – including consultancy, training, installation/commissioning support, care contracts and a special spare parts fast response service.  We want to work with you and support you from feasibility through the lifetime of your system to continually ensure you are getting the best from your assets.

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